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The metallic option in the world of cards.

The cards issued by banks and other entities to make purchases and obtain money are used worldwide, and the services they offer are constantly evolving. They are used to pay by debit or credit, but the high-end ones allow access to many other services. However, for the majority of mortals, all of them were printed [...]

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The advantages that metal cards bring.

Competitive advantage for banks: Banks have recognized the challenge of differentiation in a very competitive market. Many have identified metal credit cards as a way to create a physical point of contact with customers, something that is missing in today's Internet world, where the physical engagement is a keyboard or screen. An eye-catching design is [...]

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Beyond a trend.

Some clients find his prestige attractive. If you're going to be carrying your card all the time, it might look cool, wouldn't it? At the moment, they are unattainable for the vast majority of customers. They have benefits that may sound even more like fiction than reality, but they exist: metal credit cards become payment [...]

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Why all the fuss over metal credit cards?

These metal credit cards come in different materials like brass, copper, brushed stainless steel, and even gold and palladium. Some are made from alloys whose ingredients are hidden like well-kept secrets. The card design can be hybrid and include metal and plastic, with the metal used in the middle to add weight. Some are pure [...]

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Metal cards set a trend and banks want to capitalize it

Consumers feel the need to invest in exclusive items, and metal cards are no exception. They are desired because of the way they look and the way they make consumers feel. Traditional banks are using metal cards to raise the status of their services Like many brands, banks are looking to “premiumize” their products and [...]

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A possible future

Changes coming to credit cards in 2022: Which ones are changing and what will they look like? Magnetic stripes will disappear, first in Europe and then in Canada and the United States, being completely eliminated in 2033, in addition to changes in verification.  Developments in credit cards towards a new format without a magnetic stripe, [...]

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