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Metal Credit Cards are Trending. Why?

This particular trend is driven by the desire of consumer groups inspired by the style. The metallic credit card responds to this need, which allows the users of these cards to specify a higher level when paying: these objects automatically become payment and financing instruments with astronomical limits and luxury services. Users of these cards [...]

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Select markets: from Premium to Super Premium.

Consumers select "premium" items as a means of validating their status and feeling part of a select community. We can see examples of this segment in products such as coffee, whiskey or smartphones. But now they are looking for the next level of product, as “premium” brands have become the norm, driving a move towards [...]

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The use of cash falls among millennials.

People under 35 years of age carry out 80% of their card transactions. This proportion is even higher in large cities. These are some of the indicators that confirm progress towards a society that does not use physical money, headed by the youngest, where there is a trend towards the replacement of cash by electronic [...]

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The benefits of metal credit cards.

Heavier than plastic cards, metallic credit cards are gaining popularity among some credit card users. They are elegant, resistant and at the moment scarce compared to traditional cards. And that's the key that makes them a status symbol. Until relatively few years ago, not many people were aware of the existence of these types of [...]

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Welcome Phil Emery to the FCS family!

FCS is happy to announce that Mr. Phil Emery has joined our Team as Chief Operating Officer. Born in Boulder, Colorado, with a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Phil has more than 20 years’ experience on the Card Manufacturing Industry, running different facilities in the US. Married and father of three daughters [...]

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Metal cards: a trendsetting product that gives banks a premium seduction tool.

Markets have more and more consumers feeling the need for exclusive products, and metal cards are no exception. What's more, they are becoming a trend. Metal cards are highly desired, and that's thanks to their design, look, and the feelings they arouse in consumers when using them. The big brands seek to generate Premium spaces [...]

2021-11-03T12:35:02+00:00Por |

Goodbye plastic. Hello metal.

Although metal credit cards are still relatively few compared to traditional ones, they are becoming more popular in the market. Consumers who demand innovation find them more appealing, and surveys reveal how their status raises while carrying them: metallic credit cards have become luxury items. Weight seems to be the main cause of this phenomenon. [...]

2021-09-21T17:59:38+00:00Por |

The future is metallic.

The world changed and so did consumption. Consumers want to differentiate themselves and achieve higher status levels and preferential treatment. It happened a few years ago with everyday products like cell phones. The trend shows that the same will happen shortly with credit cards. As part of this growth trend, some banks are increasingly issuing [...]

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