The New Status Symbol

In the United States, 24% of millennials view their credit cards as more than just a payment method. They see them as status symbols—a way to express their style and elevate their perceived status. For card issuers, this trend is crucial. Design matters, and metal credit cards are at the forefront.

Why the buzz around metal cards? Well, they’re not just shiny—they’re practical. Frequent travelers and social spenders love them. Plus, metal cards are harder to duplicate, adding an extra layer of security.

In an intriguing experiment, a major issuer offered both a platinum metal card and a conventional card with similar perks. The result? Customers were more likely to upgrade to the premium card when eligibility expanded. And it’s not just millennials—everyone prefers an “elite” card for social outings.

So, if you’re marketing to millennials, think metal. Once you’ve captured their attention, they’ll spread the word—loyalty guaranteed.