Beyond a trend.

Some clients find his prestige attractive. If you’re going to be carrying your card all the time, it might look cool, wouldn’t it?

At the moment, they are unattainable for the vast majority of customers. They have benefits that may sound even more like fiction than reality, but they exist: metal credit cards become payment and financing instruments with astronomical limits and luxury services.

One of the latest trends is driven by the desire for status. The metallic credit card allows cardholders to bring a little more style when it comes time to pay.

You want to add a touch of personalization: Certain traditional plastic credit cards can be personalized or include a unique design on the face of the card, but metal credit cards take things up a notch in terms of style.

Although there is not much that differs between metal credit cards and normal plastic ones, surveys show a tendency towards the use of the former by users. The distinction is a human condition of transcendence that materializes in objects like this one. Although the functionality is the same, what we are trying to show is that «we» are not the same.