Competitive opportunity for banks: metal cards.

The metal card is an excellent, eye-catching, and conversation-provoking item that aligns perfectly with marketing to exclusive customers, who respond to the influence of others.

Banks have recognized the challenge of differentiation in a very competitive market. Many have identified metal credit cards as a way to create a physical point of contact with customers, something that is missing in today’s Internet world, where the physical engagement is a keyboard or screen. An eye-catching design is being used along with the novelty of the metal card to elevate the positioning of the cards and their delivery. Even digital banks are using this physical product to enhance their image and send a message.

 The cards and their distinctive, elegantly designed packaging have refocused customers’ attention on the brands.

 Now is a great time for financial institutions to enhance their programs with rewards and benefits including a metal card that increases their brand positioning by elevating the inherent quality of the product. As such, there are significant short-term and long-term gains on this investment. There is an immediate opportunity to capture new business and take advantage of positive word of mouth marketing as customers use the card in social settings thereby generating awareness and demand.