Metal cards: status and style

Although luxury may very much be in the eye of the beholder, some things are universally elegant, like crystal chandeliers, marble showers, and metal credit cards. Only privileged and high net worth individuals could afford to get a metal card in the past.

Today metal cards can be affordable and as easy to obtain as any other card. However, in most cases, a good to excellent score is required to pass such cards.

Metal credit cards have gained popularity because they look and feel luxurious. After all, once you place the metal card on the counter, it shows.

However, metal cards are heavier than plastic cards and can weigh down your wallet, especially if you have more than one card. But the style is the style…

Metal cards used to be exclusive to high-income users. But today, anyone with a good credit score can apply for a metal card.

And in addition, there is an extra that no one denies: most of these cards offer great rewards on travel and dining purchases.