Metallic credit cards: competitive advantage for banks

Now is the ideal time for financial institutions to enhance their rewards and benefits programs by including a metal card that increases their brand positioning by elevating the inherent quality of the product. As such, there are significant short- and long-term gains in this investment. 

There is an immediate opportunity to capture new business and take advantage of positive word-of-mouth marketing, as customers use the card in social settings, thereby generating awareness and demand.

 The ability of a financial institution to have this type of favorable word-of-mouth marketing opportunity is slim and comes at a time when it can prevail over the most significant growth market: millennials. With its elegance, simplicity and beauty alone, the metal card conveys a positive brand image without much need for marketing tools or actions. It is a prominent manifestation of a brand and fosters brand loyalty. 

A beautifully designed metal card increases cardholder loyalty and thus helps build brand awareness. In fact, each time the holder uses his metal card, a special experience is created at the point of sale.