The future is metallic.

The world changed and so did consumption. Consumers want to differentiate themselves and achieve higher status levels and preferential treatment. It happened a few years ago with everyday products like cell phones. The trend shows that the same will happen shortly with credit cards. As part of this growth trend, some banks are increasingly issuing fancy metal credit cards to select customers as a form of «reward.» These cards managed to capture the attention of users and have been in demand, many times exceeding the existing stocks. When a prestigious brand distributes them, they are automatically perceived as high-quality products, distinguished by its superior design and style. Today, these cards are in the initial stage of adoption. According to surveys, more than 60% of the world’s consumers were unaware of the existence of metallic credit cards. This ignorance is the starting point for an incredible market development. Those who produce them can use them as a distinguished gift for their most important clients, as well as to enhance their brand and attract segments that are looking for a prestigious product. An ideal opportunity for companies seeking to attract the attention of the “millennial” part of the market. Most millennials regard their credit cards as a status symbol: a key point because design and style are essential to enhance perceived status. Social experiences are reinforced by having a premium card.

When the customer knows the product and experiences the sensation of using it, it is unlikely that they will reuse cards from previous versions, such as plastic, although it has the same benefits. The conclusions that were rescued from customer surveys is that they consider this type of card to be top-quality and more durable products.