The benefits of metal credit cards.

Heavier than plastic cards, metallic credit cards are gaining popularity among some credit card users. They are elegant, resistant and at the moment scarce compared to traditional cards. And that’s the key that makes them a status symbol.

Until relatively few years ago, not many people were aware of the existence of these types of cards. In fact, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 cardholders, when asked about their thoughts on metallic credit cards, nearly 40% of respondents said they had never heard of them.

But as time goes by, more and more users purchase this product. It is probably due to the lower annual fees and high reward rates offered with these credit cards, which incentivize access to them. And this statistic is likely to continue to evolve favorably towards metal cards, as these credit cards continue to become a popular offering from more and more issuers.

The most striking advantage of metallic credit cards is that they are much more durable than plastic ones. If a plastic credit card is used long enough, it will likely need to be replaced several times. Even a well-cared for plastic credit card has a hard time coping with potential accidental damage: they often bend easily, or outright break, and printed information tends to fade over time. There is also an appreciation of luxury and a feeling of power that carries over from metal credit cards. And, according to several focus gropus, one of the characteristics that users highlight when using them is that they enjoy the surprise factor that accompanies the delivery of an unusual card, enjoying the appearance of it.