The metallic option in the world of cards.

The cards issued by banks and other entities to make purchases and obtain money are used worldwide, and the services they offer are constantly evolving. They are used to pay by debit or credit, but the high-end ones allow access to many other services. However, for the majority of mortals, all of them were printed on plastic, but now metal credit cards arrive.

Having the option of a metal card means, for banks, impressing their customers. However, its luxurious design is not the only benefit. Possessing one of these cards means that owners can access premium services, such as receiving transaction refunds in a currency of their choice, making free international withdrawals, hotel room upgrades, travel insurance, among other services, that are not are available to everyone. It is about providing the user with a continuous, convenient, secure and agile experience.

These metal credit cards come in brass, copper, brushed stainless steel, and even gold and palladium. Some are made from alloys whose ingredients are kept as well-kept secrets. The card design may include metal and plastic, with the metal used in the middle to add weight. Some are pure metal plates, and some may even be encrusted with diamonds.