The return of metallic cards.

Payment cards in Latin America have seen a rebound in demand in recent months. A study ensures that 7 out of 10 users globally would be willing to choose a bank that offers this premium product.

According to the study ‘The growth of premium metal cards’, carried out in 18 countries, the potential to retain and attract new customers is greater in Latin America, specifically in Mexico and Brazil, ensures that where 88% of those surveyed, respectively, would select an offer that included a metal card if all rewards and benefits were equal.

This indicates that the preference for these cards, in addition to the material, is the exclusivity experience that it offers, not only because of the elegant design, but also because of the wide coverage and greater operating options in the financial scenario.

The editions of the large multinationals come loaded with a selection of premium clients.

However, in recent months, through social networks such as Instagram and Tik Tok, there is a trend of converting a regular (plastic) credit or debit card to a metallic one. This, to approximate the status offered by the possession of one of these pieces of payment in the financial framework.

In fact, there are stores and enterprises that carry out the modification, following the trend of having a metallic card with a personalized design.