The use of cash falls among millennials.

People under 35 years of age carry out 80% of their card transactions. This proportion is even higher in large cities.

These are some of the indicators that confirm progress towards a society that does not use physical money, headed by the youngest, where there is a trend towards the replacement of cash by electronic payment instruments. We will approach a cashless society in the long run, experts say. According to the analyzes, the five main categories of card spending are: food, fashion, bars and restaurants, transport and hypermarkets and shopping centers.

But there is also another factor. The ‘millennials’ go to metal. Of the total number of metallic credit card users, the majority are young millennials. Although it does not stop serving the same purpose as plastic ones: financing, withdrawing money and paying for purchases, this generation was fascinated by this object and the exclusive advantages that are not available to most and that most cards do not carry. free plastic bags offered by banks such as points programs redeemable for airline tickets, hotel nights, very high credit limits, exclusive customer service, access to airport VIP lounges, etc.

These benefits, added to the new forms of consumption by young people, change the market and give rise to new customs that are probably here to stay.