Why a metal card?

Metal means luxury and the experience of having a metal card in hand is great. The different touch and the weight of the card itself make the card feel quite substantial. Paying for a dinner with the card on the table produces an audible sound that industry insiders call the ‘clank effect’.

In this digital world, people are less likely to pull out their cards to make a payment: a change in material “allows us to explore additional sensory cues like touch and sound that consumers experience as brand rituals. From a design perspective, the use of new materials makes it possible to create simpler and more refined designs.

The simple answer is that metal cards are «in fashion» and symbolize «premium elite status.» But the experience goes further. In several surveys carried out by opinion agencies, the users of these cards say that they are happy with having obtained them, that they would not stop using them and that it was a before and after in their purchases. But they also affirm that it is difficult to explain in words the sensation they produce: each one has to experience it for himself.